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American Heritage furniture is crafted, in its entirety, by the finest of woodworking professionals. And it all begins with top-quality custom hardwoods, hand-selected for their unparalleled strength and distinctive beauty. We source only the finest raw materials to create each piece, while our staff of quality control professionals knit pick over each and every piece of wood, looking to match grain patterns and alternating growth rings to create a perfect union of strength and beauty. It’s our belief that anything constructed with less than the most precise and uncompromising standards doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

And, technically speaking, that things like mortise and tenon fittings are just as important as using corner blocks on seat frames. We also believe that for a piece of furniture to display a spectacular finish it must first be properly prepared. State-of-the-art sanding equipment, built specifically to AHB specifications, ensures the finest application on all of our finishes. We believe that all the little details make a big difference, and will enable your family to enjoy your furniture for generations to come.

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The 8’ Ambiance’s strong and sturdy build yet soft, subtle accents and warm finish makes this collection a fit for any home. Artisan-crafted from American Maple and select hardwoods, and boasting a full collection of family-friendly pieces—from the raised panel bar to the five piece gathering set—the Ambiance offers great styling and clever entertaining functionality.


One look at the Artero and you’ll know it’s certain to become a family heirloom. This billiard table, made with American Maple and finished in a Navajo stain, will complement any décor. The Artero features oversized rails with diamond sights, loop and tassel pockets, and a 1″ oversized framed slate. The Artero is available as a 7’ and 8’ table.


Simple lines match tapered block legs to form an iconic, lasting treasure at a terrific price. Constructed from American Poplar and stained in a Suede finish, the Avon is available as a 7’ and 8’ table.


The transitional styling of the Celeste Collection offers a look that’s perfect for any recreation room. Produced from premium Maple and select hardwoods, each piece is meticulously crafted to provide not only an elegant look but a sturdily built table for years of family fun. The Celeste billiard table is sized at 8’.


The subtle curve of the routered cabinet, which also features oversized ball and claw legs, was the inspiration to this namesake.  Custom leather pockets seamlessly blend with the diamonded sighted top rail of the table’s perimeter.  The 8’ Crescent comes finished in a hand rubbed Riverbank stain for years of reliable family fun.

La Paz

The La Paz represents the Spanish influence on furniture design from the mid-1800s to 1900. Constructed from solid Honduras Mahogany, this massive table features straight lines and precisely-carved panels that are typical of the straightforward and masculine style of the Mediterranean area in the 19th century. The table’s cabinets are braced internally with two solid Poplar hardwood beams nestled into routered crossbeam slots, as opposed to a common modern method of utilizing glue as a sealant. Even the internal braces are sanded and finished, demonstrating our commitment to expert craftsmanship and enduring quality.

New Almedia

The Almeda 8’ billiard table is so expertly crafted and strikingly opulent in appearance that it adds richness and depth to any space. The Almeda table sits on curved legs with scrolling tool work and elegant clamshell detailing, which matches the winding delineation found along the ornately inscribed edges of the table’s base and railings. The pockets are crafted from leather that complements the piece’s gorgeous finish, and the table is completed with a premium billiard cloth for good measure.


Stylish bold accents and a sleek design make the 7’ and 8’ Omega pool table is a handsome focus for your game room. Combined with complementing furniture to match any décor, this collection will provide endless hours of entertainment.


Artisan-crafted from American Maple and select hardwood, the 8’ Palmetto’s intricate carvings and extraordinary design guarantee that it will be the focal point of any home. Featuring a unique bamboo look, the Palmetto is accompanied by several Heirloom collection pieces. The beautifully-crafted bar and mirror are accompanied by comfortable spectator seating to complete what is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. The Palmetto collection is guaranteed to whisk its inhabitants away to a tropical paradise.


The three periods of the Georgian age, spanning 1714 through 1830, have had a long-lasting influence on furniture design. Characteristic of early Georgian sensibilities, the Renaissance table eschews the elaborate carvings of later years in favor of the bold, straight lines of the cabinet balanced by sturdy, classically-arched lines of the legs. The designer integrated a key characteristic of a later age, the Chippendale period, by using solid Honduras mahogany throughout. Today, Honduras mahogany is used only in select wood pieces that show the same superior craftsmanship that was practiced in an earlier age.


A retro upgrade to a billiard classic, the Designer-inspired Vista table utilizes the recognizable deep grain contours of American Oak and is softened by the trendy Riverbank stain and glaze highlights. The perfect shape and proportion of this classic beauty will certainly be the focal point of any rec room.

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