Crown Series 

Crown Series 

– Bluetooth Audio System with twin speakers and a subwoofer. Streaming audio can be controlled directly from the hot tub’s MQTouch™ color touch screen.
– Jewel™ Lighting with dimmable multicolor LEDs in the spa interior, and dimmable white LEDs on the exterior spa corners. Also adds backlighting to the Dynamic Flow Control valve.
– MicroSilk® oxygen skin health and beauty system for luxurious spa treatments.
– MicroSilk freeze sensor offers extreme weather protection for the MicroSilk pump in colder climates.
– Environments™ entry steps and benches share the Crown color palette and same durable, all-weather materials. Choices include: Step I, Step II, Step II Hinged, Resort/Spirit Bench, and 48-inch Storage Bench.
– ControlMySpa® wireless system for remote control of water temperature, pumps, filtration settings, lighting, and MicroSilk (on equipped models). Compatible with Apple and Android devices connected to the Internet.
– Cover Companion™ cover lift for easier opening and closing of the hot tub cover.
– Ultimate Experience Tote with two plush Marquis bathrobes, two insulated tumblers, and a Luther Loon floating toy.

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