2 Old School Billiard Games to Teach Your Kids

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Getting kids interested in traditional billiards can sometimes be a challenge. Regular billiard games can be lengthy, and kids don’t have that long of an attention span. So, let’s take it back to when you were a kid. What games did you first learn to play on the billiard table? If you can’t think of any or need a refresher, here are 2 old-school billiard games to teach your kids.

Straight in the Pocket

Playing this game may make your stomach flip if you’re an avid billiards player, but it’s a simple game for kids. The goal is just to hit the ball in the pocket. No other rules, and if your kids are really young, they may not even use the cue ball. The idea is to just get them playing! You can play this game with several variations, such as:

  • Hitting any of the balls straight into the pocket, no cue ball
  • Playing teams, hitting either solids or stripes straight into the pocket, no cue ball
  • Hitting any of the balls straight into the pocket, with the cue ball
  • Playing teams, hitting either solids or stripes straight into the pocket, with the cue ball

In these variations, it’s probably best not to give penalties for hitting the wrong ball or the 8 ball into the pocket. Again, the idea is just to get them playing. As you play more and more, your kids will get the hang of it and you can actually start playing correctly. 


Who said HORSE is just for basketball? When you bring HORSE to the billiards table, it helps your kids further develop their skills.

If you’ve never played HORSE on the basketball court, the idea is simple: one person tries to make a basket. If they make it, all of the other players must attempt the same shot from the same place. If they miss, they get a letter in the word HORSE. The game continues until one person spells out the word HORSE. Of course, this can be played with other words as well; HORSE is just the classic.

When you play HORSE on the billiards table, it teaches your kids to make trickier shots. Like on the basketball court, they’ll want to trip up one another to win. This is a great opportunity to teach them trick shots while still keeping them entertained. In no time, they’ll be ready to challenge you in a real game.

Pick Up a Pool Table

Dying to try these 2 old-school billiard games with your kids? At Tredway Pools Plus, we have you covered. We have several different billiard tables you can choose from and different sizes. Before you buy a billiard table, you will want to measure your room to make sure you have the right space for the table and clearance for the cue. Our team can help you with any questions you may have. Just stop on by or give us a call at (260) 489-5596. We hope to hear from you soon.

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